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Since 1999, ikan-ikon has been creating beautiful web design projects. In 2008, ikan-ikon ranked on the top of Google searches without ever even trying. This sparked interest in how it happened.


Here are just a few client stories that are
great examples of what ikan-ikon can do...


Sabby's Auto - 

In 2009, after perfecting some proprietary processes, ikan-ikon created her first SEO website for a client transitioning the business from just design into full UX/UI web site development as well. That website is Sabby's Auto and if you Google "auto body norwich" you will see that even though ikan-ikon has not touched that website since 2009, it STILL ranks on page 1 of Google multiple times for multiple keyword configurations. 

"complete body-off restorations norwich ct" Page 1 #1 (ranked since 2009)

"collision repairs norwich ct" Page 1 #5

 (ranked since 2009)

"corvette restoration norwich ct" Page 1 #3

 (ranked since 2009)

"corvette restorations norwich ct" Page 1 #2

 (ranked since 2009)



Rose City Taxi -

"taxi norwich ct" #1 on Page 1

(ranked since 2009)


Your Construction Office - 

This is a very small home business that offers construction bookkeeping for construction businesses who don't employ an office staff. She has been getting clients off Page 1 Google rankings for years.

"construction office bookkeeper norwich ct" #1 on Page 1

(ranked since 2017)


Gilman Gear - 

ikan-ikon got Gilman Gear hundreds of Page 1 rankings within 24 hours and 1 week, for dozens of products, each with their own high rankings on Google. They still have these top rankings.

"logo pylon" #1, #2 on Page 1

(ranked since 2015)

"crab sled" #1, #2 on Page 1

(ranked since 2015)


Skurge of the Sea - 

Skurge of the Sea came to ikan-ikon after a disaster worst case scenario happened to his online store he'd had for many years. His store stopped functioning because the developer was using a free CMS that is open-source and it had accummulated so many bugs and errors that it just stopped working completely one day. Within 2 weeks, ikan-ikon had a brand-new fully functioning store for Skurge of the Sea and within a couple months, all of these rankings took over the nightmare that had destroyed his web presence. This is a worst case scenario example of how ikan-ikon can turn things around and help even when it seems like there is no hope. 

"penetrator fishing gaffs" #1 and #2 on Page 1 (ranked since 2020)
"penetrator fishing gaff" #1 and #2 on Page 1  (ranked since 2020)
"buy shark harpoon" #1 on Page 1 (ranked since 2020)
"harpoons buy shark harpoon" #2 on Page 1 (was Page 1 #9  Sep 16, 2020) (ranked since 2020)
"commercial harpoon" Page 1 #2 (was #6 & #7 Sep 16, 2020) (ranked since 2020)
"harpoon and swivel rod holder" #2 on Page 1  (ranked since 2020)

"shark harpoon

#1 on Page 1

(ranked since 2020)

"pizza baltic ct" Page 1 (Dimitris and Baltic Pizza are same place, 4 out of 5 Page 1 rankings are by ikan-ikon, including #1, #2, and #3) (ranked since 2017)


Other success stories of ikan-ikon clients who no longer have ikan-ikon websites:

Delta Mechanical sold his business, all his equipment, etc for a massive profit plus a full-time high paid job 1 year after ikan-ikon made him a Page 1 ranking website.

TutorCT enjoyed dozens of page 1 Google rankings within 1 week of having a website in a highly competitive field and called to say thank you the Google rankings on Page 1 because it led to sales and connections. (She didn't pay for her website so it had to be taken offline and that is really, really sad because this website was GORGEOUS and so successful, in a highly competitive industry.)

The list goes on and on because EVERY client has benefitted from top Google rankings.

If clients don't mess with an ikan-ikon website, it can keep ranking high ORGANICALLY FOREVER.

Unfortunately, one problem is that some clients like to try new things and this is bad for SEO. This is what happened to Green Construction. 

Green Construction had hundreds of Page 1 rankings within 24 hours. They hired a foreigner to redesign their website and lost ALL of their page 1 rankings IMMEDIATELY. They still have never recovered many page 1 rankings and that was HUNDREDS of pages that had PAGE 1 RANKINGS. (See proof in the pictures.)


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SEO Search Engine Optimization



ikan-ikon CAN help you get top Google rankings whether you need an entire website or just the SEO or some new web pages with SEO so that the new pages will get rankings of their own on Google and hundreds of other search engines. 

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