Buy Web Pages A La Carte - Tertiary or Niche Web Pages

Buy Web Pages A La Carte - Tertiary or Niche Web Pages

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Our web pages include EVERYTHING you need:

  • Custom and unique web pages and graphic design, with your graphics and photos
  • Custom navigation
  • Website coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, integrated with jQuery and Bootstrap features)
  • Search Engine Optimization (meta tags, descriptions, keywords, and marketing-rich page development)
  • Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop compatibility, on most devices
  • Set up online
  • Fully functional web pages online on your own server (need website hosting = like having the utilities on so you can have visitors)

  • Click-to-Call Links on every page
  • Some Web Site Consulting Work

  • Back-End and Front-End Website UX and UI Web Site Development<br />
  • A synergistic natural style for your web presence that blends well with your in-person and print marketing materials
  • We use the psychology of selling and time-proven marketing techniques to raise you above your competition

NOTE: The total minimum number of web pages for a Search Engine Optimized website is always recommended to be at least 5 pages so that the robots and spiders can see that your website visitors appreciate a variety of pages on your site, staying on each page for a good amount of time. We give all 5 pages within this package, so you have a great start, even on the smallest budget. This feeds the robots and spiders what they want, believing that your website visitors are getting the things that they are seeking from your web pages, which improves your search engine ranking with every user website visit.



A La Carte SEO Web Pages Price List:

Primary Web Pages $350 each
A primary web page is a page that is usually in the primary navigation that is important and/or must have a top level of visibility throughout your website. It often has sub pages (Secondary, Tertiary, Text) that fall under a similar category with links from the primary page to the sub pages.

Secondary Web Pages $250 each
A secondary web page is a page that is still important, but it isn't necessary to have it as a top priority for people to see or link to. It might be in the drop down menu of your top navigation or linked from the bottom of the page, or in text links on your primary pages.

Tertiary or Niche Web Pages $150 each
A tertiary web page is a page that is usually in the third level of your website navigation. It may be in a drop down menu, as text links throughout your website, or in navigation that is not at the top of the web pages, like in the footer navigation section.

Niche pages are the web pages for each of your popular products or services that should be highlighted as their own web page for search engine optimization, marketing and informational purposes. These pages are recommended for anything you say often to promote your business, sell products or services, so that you don't have to repeat the same schpiels hundreds of thousands of times because people can learn about these things right on your website. These pages save you time and can make you money.

Text Web Pages $100 each
These web pages are usually listed in the navigation at the bottom of the website. These pages are important on a business level, such as privacy, refunds, faqs, etc.




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