City/Town Super SEO Hyper Targeting Web Page(s)

City/Town Super SEO Hyper Targeting Web Page(s)

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This is one of two proprietary methods ikan-ikon created that boosted one website by 363% within 1 quarter! In our experience using this technique, every website it is used for has gained hundreds of Google rankings within 24 hours - 2 weeks.

You can do this for every city and town in any state or choose target areas to focus on, for each state around you, or all the states in the USA.

The other benefit is that it bypasses the local targeting Google is doing, to help national businesses rank everywhere they need to.

City/Town Super SEO Hyper Targeting Web Page(s)

You can choose if you want to put everything on 1 web page or have each hyper targeting on their own page. Obviously the more pages that focus on individual areas have higher success rates for ranking you higher in those areas. 

Pricing for City/Town Super SEO Hyper Targeting Web Pages:

Per 1 location on 1 web page = $150 
Per 5 locations on 1 web page = $200

For every city/town in 1 full state = $500 regardless of how many cities and towns each state has

For every city/town in 1 county = $250 per county

We will need to clarify what areas you want to target via email after you place your order.  


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