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CMS Web Site Design and Development

Starter Package CMS Website $450
Websites usually start with a Home page, About page, Products or Services page, the Contact Us page with an online lead generating form, and click to call links on every page. Images are added to the pages as is unless you order that service too.*

This package also includes all the set up, search engine optimization, back-end pages**, theme and page layout design, and training on things you need to know about your website.

You will get set up on a CMS hosting server within a CMS platform that you will pay for yourself separate of the creation fees shown here. You will be trained how to do everything you will need to do. 

* If you want images to be formatted to be all the same size, this is an extra fee that gets done after the website is made and it is charged by the actual time it takes to resize the photos, working by Retainer. The pricing will depend on how many pics need to be reformatted. CMS websites want images to be all one size and do not usually automatically make them all the same size, and if they do resize them, it seriously hinders page load speed. It is time consuming to go through every picture in Photoshop and resize them all, so it is not included for these incredibly low prices. 

** You get all the back-end pages and features that your CMS provider allows us to have/create (ie: Site Map, robots, 404, 503, built-in pages search engine optimization, original images*, etc.) 


Add-on more web pages for $50 each
You can also add-on more web pages to your package above. Examples of what people order are niche pages for each product or service you want to highlight to sell, which could be shopping cart items if you have a shopping cart website, and or FAQs page(s), shipping info, privacy policy, etc.) You can use your web pages for anything you need them for. ikan-ikon will make suggestions if you need help planning your website. If you don't know what pages you need or want right now, just start with the package above and we can build onto your basic website later.


Yearly CMS Website Maintenance Package $100 
This package keeps the website online and working properly. It updates the code and performs necessary site maintenance tasks, it makes sure that the website is not having quirky problems, layout hasn't fallen apart as the Internet constantly changes, and keeps CMS clients in the on-call queue in case of emergencies or problems that require immediate assistance, like if someone messes with the website and it stops working because it is being changed by inexperienced staff since that is why people love CMS sites. 

Please note that these required elements: Your (security) SSL certificate, domain name (web address), and CMS hosting (utilities to power your website) are separate fees that ikan-ikon can help you get set up for.



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