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Email Marketing Design

Email marketing provides an effective connection with targeted audiences that includes reaching out to new and existing customers, and getting them to engage with your marketing material immediately. 

You want your emails to:

  • be laid out beautifully and efficiently with pictures and interactive links that show people what you are offering,

  • give viewers multiple opportunities to get more information,

  • allow sales.

If they don't open the emails or follow the links, your emails won't get opened. Then you can't promote your business products and services.

Emails also need to be designed properly so the formatting displays each element in the email as it should show up on all different screen sizes. 

Email marketing management services by ikan-ikon include graphic design,, layout, content creation, marketing, and personalization.


How Much Does Email Marketing Cost in 2021?

Email marketing allows you to connect directly with customers and potential customers, and yields an extremely high RO of $44 for every $1 you spend. (webfx) 


$125 per month per email design
(in addition to your email platform subscriber fees)

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to send out more than 1 marketing email per week or you risk alienating your subscribers because it comes off as spam and it is annoying. 

If you want to send out newsletters with helpful information that people love to read and is not selling anything or sells less than 20% of the content, with 80% of the content being meaty other topics, that is the BEST way to "sell" via digital marketing, with the highest ROI yields. 

ikan-ikon can help you create tons of content that gives your readers the feeling that they are not being sold, and leave them wanting more from you. That is the key to great marketing and advertising!