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Setup and Managing Google AdWords

Advertising on Google AdWords is complex! If you don't know what you are doing, you can be throwing money out the window. 
Examples of common problems many business have when advertising on Google AdWords:
1) Ads get clicked on by tons of people who never had any interest in what you are selling because most people don't know how to fix this problem to make sure all that money isn't being wasted every week!
2) Keywords aren't set up properly to get the best use of the ads.
3) Location targeting is either not done at all or it is not done properly.
4) No one at the business knows how to run reports or read analytics reports, so the ads are not optimized to work their best.ikan-ikon has worked on campaigns that spend $5,000-$8,000 a month and clients who spend $300 a month, and they all have the same issues in common before ikan-ikon gets in and hyper targets the ads... 

This service should be paid weekly for at least 12 weeks because it takes at least 6 weeks to get a good long-term system set up with:
• perfected hyper targeting ads, 
• positive keywords, 
• negative keywords, 
• and to build up the impressions to start seeing results. 

Over three months, there is a lot of tweaking to perfect everything so that the ads attain maximum efficiency. Therefore you can get the best results at the cheapest cost on Google AdWords.

What are hyper targeting ads?
This is a term ikan-ikon uses for how we set up Google Ads. 
1) The ads are written for a specific goal.
2) They have focused locations they target.
3) The keywords are tweaked to get you the best value and Return on Investment, through both positive keywords and negative keywords.
4) The ads are worked and reworked until they perform at their best, for your business, and your goals.

What are positive keywords?
These are the words and phrases that Google searchers use to find you whenever someone types in a word or phrase looking for your services. The keywords section is the most important benefit of Google advertising. A pro can research EXACTLY what keywords to use and then tweak them for your specific business so that you get the best value for your ad spending.

What are negative keywords?
These are the searches that you DON'T want wasting your advertising spending. You don't want people clicking on your ad thinking they are going to a completely different type of business, but this does happen A LOT at first and it hikes up your ad spending but you can't make any Return On Investment off these clicks because these people are not your Target Market. Setting up the Negative Keywords section of Google AdWords improves the efficiency of your ads so that you get less of these worthless (expensive) clicks. 

This is an all-inclusive cost for this service package. The work is done by ikan-ikon. 
You will be set up to pay Google directly for any and all advertising.

Note: ikan-ikon does not control your Google AdWords account. You will be asked to change your password so that ikan-ikon has access to do the work, then you can take your AdWords account back by changing your password again. 



ikan-ikon can continue to manage your AdWords after the 12 weeks, if you want that service too. 


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