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The first step is always started by paying your Retainer Down Payment. 

How Retainers Work: A Retainer gets the work started working on a revolving account that gets replenished as work is being done. Work begins when cash is hand. If payments stop, work stops. All out-of-pockets (such as printing, ordering outsourced things like domain names and server web site hosting, etc.) need to be paid for in advance because ikan-ikon does not take responsibility for paying clients’ bills.

Standard Retainers:
Print projects $200 minimum.
Web projects $500 minimum.
Art projects $100 minimum.
Hourly basis starts with a 1-hour minimum. Work is invoiced by actual working times invested into your project(s), not billing a full hour if only 23 minutes were devoted to your project.

Note: If you are a first time client who found us online and you are nervous about jumping all in, you can pay what you are comfortable with for now and we can proceed from there.

Per Project Rates:
Web/Print/Marketing $83/hr
Graphic Design $56/hr
Writing/Copywriting $48/hr
Art $60/hr (restorations) /  $75/hr (original art)

Long-Term Combination Services:
1099 Freelance $60 for 20+ hrs/wk
W2+ Package $34 for 40 hrs/wk

Jump Starter SEO Web Design and Web Site Development Package Payment Plan Options:

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