Marketing Consulting Services & Reports

Marketing Consulting Services & Reports

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Marketing Consulting Services & Reports

Get custom marketing research, analysis, reports about your marketing, with step-by-step guides on what to do every day, week, month to improve the success of your business.

You can hire ikan-ikon to evaluate your current website, marketing materials, to research the best keywords you should be using, to give you a clear step-by-step plan of what to do when to get the most out of your marketing, whether you want ikan-ikon to do the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly work for you or not. 

This way you know you are on the right track with your marketing every month of your entire year. Many of these reports and most of this research are custom created just for the business it is being done for as well as being proprietary inventions that ikan-ikon developed while working for clients since 1999. These reports offer you priceless marketing advice you really need for your business.


Current Marketing Analysis Report $150

ikan-ikon goes through all of your marketing evaluating how well you are getting across what you do, evaluating the success of your efforts to explain each of your products and services, the design and layout, the content, and gives you a thorough list of instructions on how to improve your current marketing efforts.


Yearly Campaign Marketing Plan Development $600

This is a detailed month-by-month schedule of marketing you can do that fit within your pre-established budget. This offers you a guide for how to build up your marketing presence via multiple marketing efforts.


Search Engine Marketing Plan Development $100

This is a marketing plan that is specifically geared toward building up your web presence within one year. It can be free efforts that you or your staff or ikan-ikon can do every week or month throughout the year to improve your rankings on hundreds of search engines, with a heavy concentration on improving your Google rankings. 

Social Media Marketing Calendar Consulting & Training $175

ikan-ikon's proprietary Social Media Marketing Calendar targets each your demographics with multiple custom posts for every day of the month. There are a wide variety of amazing types of posts that get plugged in for each day of the week, and then there are unique and necessary types of posts that are plugged into spots all throughout the month. No day is ever the same. This method gains followers, which builds up trust in your business since that is the goal of social media marketing.

This proprietary Social Media Marketing Calendar has had great success for many industries! It could be described as a mesh net blanket, as it targets marketing across, top to bottom, and diagonally, with unique post ideas that are strategically reaching multiple target markets/audiences utilizing a broad variation of types of posts, and trend-setting social media marketing that sets our clients high above the competition. 

You will get the template to use forever and learn how to use it. Some ideas for posts will also be included, to get you started.


Keywords Marketing Research Report $200

Google collects data on every search and all the people who use their search engine. This comprehensive report analyzes the data Google offers to come up with the best keywords for your business, industry, and creates a clear direction for you to focus your marketing no to collect the most interested people who are searching for the products and services you sell.


Google Ads Analysis Report $150

If you are using Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords), then you know it can be hard to get great quality leads that make the high expense worth it. Google Ads bring in clicks, but many often lead nowhere with no sales. This analysis offers you clear professional perspective on what is and what is not working for your advertising and gives you a list of things that will improve your results with Google Ads, so that you are getting a bigger Return On your Investment.


Website Content & Analysis Report $100

This is the most popular report ikan-ikon sells the most often because this detailed report goes through every page of a website to find grammatical errors, improve the writing and clarify the content, offers search engine optimization advice for the website overall, and evaluates the overall strengths and weaknesses of all aspects of the web site development.

Similar Business Analysis Report $100

Whether you seek information about what a competitor of yours is up to marketing-wise or you just want to know what is out there in general in your industry, this analysis report collects data on one other business so that you can make your own unique improvements to improve your business success.


Web Directories Research Report $175

There are websites whose sole reason d'etre is to collect data about all types of businesses when they have no business themselves and do not even do anything related to your business. They collect data from online then create profiles for companies they know nothing about, often with wrong information that hurts your business, while taking away rankings and sales that you would otherwise have coming directly to you. It is imperative that you fix these profiles in order to ensure that all links always lead back to you. It is usually free to fix the profiles, but it is time consuming. You need to know what to do to fix this problem so that it cannot hurt your business anymore.


Latest Marketing Trends Consulting $300

Each year there are new and interesting ways to do marketing that reach audiences in completely unique ways than have ever been developed before. The magnificent thing about marketing is that it is constantly evolving and branching out with original ideas! You can get in on this by hiring ikan-ikon to give you information on the latest marketing trends while also generating ways the new trends can expand your marketing efforts by creating new ideas for your marketing. This is a collaboration that includes both the consulting and the development of implementation in the form of a vast array of information and original ideas for your marketing, public relations, website development, blogging, social media marketing, press kits, and reaching your influencers.


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